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Thinking of selling an oil painting?

Why sell your painting to Burlington?

Angela Hardy has been in the art trade for more than 30 years and the firm is a long-standing member of the British Antique Dealers Association. We work hard to maintain our reputation as one of the most straightforward and approachable dealerships in London.

Selling at auction can be unpredictable and expensive. Auctioneer's commission can sometimes eat up half the final price paid by the purchaser. Selling to Burlington avoids these commissions - vendors gain the benefit of an immediate fixed payment.

How to sell to your painting to Burlington

The first step... to email or send us clear photographs of the painting itself, the reverse of the canvas and a close-up of the signature as well as any labels or inscriptions. If you know where the painting came from originally that might help us to assess it. We also need the dimensions of the canvas, but not the frame. If a painting appears to be a work that we would like to buy, we will either visit you in person, or advise on the best way to have it sent to London. Final agreement to purchase will always be subject to personal inspection. Evidence of your ownership of the work will also be required, for example original purchase receipts or probate documents. If the ownership is shared then written permission is required from all parties.

Artists we are interested in buying

Adam, Julius
Adams, John Clayton
Andersen-Lundby, Anders
Anderson, Sophie
Andreotti, Frederigo
Atamian, Charles Garabed
Atkinson Grimshaw, John
Barber, Alfred Richardson
Bates, David
Bechi, Luigi
Bennett, Frank Moss
Bernard O'Neil, George
Bienvetu, Gustave
Birch, Samuel John Lamorna
Biva, Henri
Blanchard, Antoine
Blinks, Thomas
Bodeman, Willem
Bouvard Sr , Antoine
Brandeis, Antonietta
Breanski Senior, Alfred de
Brispot, Henri
Bristow, Edmund
Bromley, William
Brown, William Marshall
Brunery, Marcel
Buchner, Hans
Caffyn, Walter Wallor
Cauchois, Eugene Henri
Cheviot, Lilian
Chialiva, Luigi
Choultse, Ivan
Clays, Paul Jean
Clayton, Harold
Conti, Tito
Cooper, Thomas Sidney
Cortes, Edouard-Leon
Couldery, Horatio Henry
Croegaert, Georges
Cuneo, Terence Tenison
Dahl, Hans
Dargelas, Andre-Henri
De Clausade, Pierre
de Neuville, Alfred-Arthur Brunel
Deschamps, Gabriel
Dodd, Arthur Charles
Dommersen, Cornelis Christiaan
Dommersen, Pieter Cornelis
Douglas, Edward Algernon Stuart
Dovaston, Margaret
Duverger, Theophile Emmanuel
Dyf, Marcel
Earl, George
Earl, Thomas Percy
Emms, John
Enjolras, Delphin
Eversen, Adrianus
Eversen, Johannes Hendrik
Fitz Marshall, John
Flint, Sir William Russell
Frere, Pierre Edouard
Galien-Laloue, Eugene
Gallon, Robert
Garland, Valentine
Gianni, Girolamo
Gilbert, Victor Gabriel
Gilchrist ,Philip Thompson
Glendening, Sr, Alfred Augustus
Grips, Joseph Charles
Hardy Jr, James
Hardy, Heywood
Harlamoff, Alexei Alexeiwitch
Harvey, Marion Rodger Hamilton
Hayllar James
Hayllar, Jessica
Hepple, Wilson
Hermann, Ludwig
Herring Jr., John Frederick
Herring Sr., John Frederick
Hillier, Henry Deacon
His, Rene Charles Edmond
Holmes, George Augustus
Huggins, William
Hulk Sr., Abraham
Hulme, Frederick William
Hume, Edith
Hunt, Edgar
Hunt, Walter
Hurt, Louis Bosworth
Hutchinson, Robert Gemmell
James, David
Jeannin, Georges
Jones, Paul
Kaemmerer, Frederik Hendrik
Kennedy, Cecil
Kleijn, Lodewijk Johannes
Klombeck,Johan Bernard
Koekkoek Sr., Hermanus
Koekkoek, Barend Cornelis
Koekkoek, Willem
Kruseman, Fredrik Marinus
Kuwasseg, Charles Euphrasie
Ladell, Edward
Laissement, Henri Adolphe
Landini, Andrea
Laur, Marie-Yvonne
Lavault, Albert-Tibulle Furcy de
Leader, Benjamin Williams
Lecomte, Paul Emile
Leickert, Charles Henry Joseph
Leighton, Edmund Blair
Lesrel, Adolphe Alexandre
Levis, Maurice
Lewin, Stephen
Lewis, Charles James
Lomax, John Arthur
Lucas, Albert Durer
Magne, Desire Alfred
Magni, Guiseppe
Mansfeld, Moritz
Marais-Milton, Victor
Marcel-Clement, Amedee Julien
Marshall, John Fitz
Massani, Pompeo
Meadows, Arthur Joseph
Meadows, James Edwin
Mellon, Campbell A
Mellor, William
Monsted, Peder
Moore, Claude T.Stanfield
Moore, John
Morel, Jan Evert
Munnings, Sir Alfred James
Munsch, Josef
Neogrady, Laszlo
Noel, John Bates
Normann, Adelsteen
Paoletti, Antonio
Parker, Henry H.
Paton, Frank
Peacock, Ralph
Percy, Sidney Richard
Petit, Eugene
Phillippeau, Karel Frans
Pothast, Bernard
Redmore, Henry
Reggianini, Vittorio
Reyna, Antonio Maria de
Richter, Herbert Davis
Rigolot, Albert Gabriel
Ronner-Knip, Henriette
Schelfhout, Andreas
Seago, Edward
Seignac, Paul
Seiler, Carl Wilhelm Anton
Senet y Perez, Rafael
Sharp, Dorothea
Shaw, Walter James
Sheridan Knowles, George
Simonsen, Simon Ludwig Ditlev
Simpson Charles Walter
Smith, Carlton Alfred
Smith, John Brandon
Smythe, Edward Robert
Smythe, Thomas
Sorensen, Carl Frederik
Soulacroix, Charles Joseph Frederic
Spohler, Jan Jacob
Spohler, Johannes Franciscus
Thomas, Charles Armand Etienne
Thornley, William
Todd, Henry George
Turner, George
Van Coppenolle, Edmond
Van Schendel, Petrus
Verboekhoven, Eugene
Vernon, Emille
Vrolijk, Adrianus Jacobus
Wagner, Fritz
Wainwright, John
Waite, Edward Wilkins
Wardle, Arthur
Watson, Walter J
Watts, Frederick William
Webb, James
Weekes, William
Williams, George Augustus
Williams, Walter
Woodhouse, William Arnold
Wootton Frank Anthony Albert
Wright, George
Yeend King, Henry John
Past Artists