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Pierre De Clausade1910 - 1975

Nuages sur la Baie

Stock code: S4675
Dated verso 1962 and Inscribed
Oil on Canvas

Price category: B: £5,000 - £10,000
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Pierre de Clausade was born in Paris on the 15th April 1910. Although he did not begin to paint for exhibition until he was 31, the desire to express himself through painting had occurred to him many years before. Clausade felt that, in addition to a thorough knowledge of his craft, he must experiment - following the example of his contemporaries Braque, Matisse and Picasso. After many years of trial and error he felt sufficiently confident to hold his first exhibition in Paris in 1943. The exhibition was a phenomenal success and as a result further shows were held during the following years.

Pierre de Clausade exhibited regularly at the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts and became a member of the Salon d'Hiver. Then his fame spread abroad and his paintings entered many distinguished collections, including that of the Brazilian Ambassador and the Boston and Minneapolis Museums of Fine Art. Despite this success Clausade continued to develop his technique, striving for perfection and the satisfaction of his analytical nature. Pierre de Clausade was awarded the great honour of the Medaille d'Argent by the jury of the Paris Salon in January 1953. He died in 1975 and with him passed one of the most dramatic and striking expressions of the individual art has seen for many years.

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