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Theophile Emmanuel Duverger

B. 1821

Duverger was born in Bordeaux on 7th September 1821. He did not enjoy a formal artistic training but learned his craft through the close observation of nature and by carefully studying the works of the Masters in Museums and Galleries.

Duverger primarily painted genre subjects which are noted for their remarkable charm, often portraying children in a domestic setting such as the schoolroom or nursery. Duverger was a Realist painter. This movement started in France at the beginning of the 19th century and was a reaction against the great historical artists of the previous century. The Realist artists painted scenes from everyday life and artists such as Andre-Henri Dargelas, Edouard Frere and Paul Seignac chose the theme of the innocence of childhood as their main subject matter. Edouard Frere moved away from Paris to Ecouen and started an artist's community there. Names of many of the Ecouen School remain unknown but Duverger was part of their circle.

His exhibited paintings received much acclaim and he was awarded medals at the Paris Salon in 1861, 1863 and 1865.

Exhibited : Paris Salon 1846-1882
Museums : Bordeaux, Cambrai, Glasgow, Hamburg, Luxembourg, Metropolitan Museum, New York and Sheffield View paintings Back to list