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Stefaan Eyckmans

B. 1964

Stefaan Eyckmans was born in Niel near the Belgian city of Antwerp. He studied graphic design at the Antwerp Academy but chose to turn to painting, specialising in still life.

In contrast to other artists of his age, Stefaan is fascinated by the 17th and 18th century Masters such as van Aelst, de Heem and Vermeer. He combines the tonal techniques of the Old Masters with modern materials, colours and objects and this results in a contemporary realism which has its roots in traditional painting. The work is not photographic; brushstrokes and impasto are paramount to the whole effect and the interaction of light and shade in the paintings gives the objects an unexpected beauty.

The artist has been exhibiting his work since 1990 at venues in Belgium and Holland and also at international shows in London, Japan and the USA. In co-operation with the Historical Society and Museum of Aarschot Eyckmans had a solo exhibition in 2006 in the new building of the museum which was highly acclaimed. Back to list