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Nicholas Stephen Phillips

Born 1948

Nicholas Stephen Phillips was born in London but since early childhood he has lived in Yorkshire. His father, Henry Raines Phillips, was a sculptor and his mother Kathleen was an artist so Steve, as he likes to be known, has followed in the artistic tradition of his family. Looking further back his great great grandfather was Giles Firman Phillips (1780-1867) was also an artist who painted views of the Thames.

After leaving school, Steve worked as a restorer at Temple Newsam House and Leeds City Art Gallery and this was to have a profound influence on his stylistic development. Between 1970 and 1974 the artist was able to study the collections in these museums and he was particularly attracted to the work of Atkinson Grimshaw. Steve emulates Grimshaw’s techniques in his own paintings, experimenting with different coloured grounds to achieve luminosity and always giving painstaking attention to every detail in the composition.

In 1980 Steve began to paint professionally but he has always combined his career as an artist with his career as a professional musician. He is a celebrated blues singer and guitarist and has enjoyed success with his albums and concerts.

Steve Phillips is a true craftsman, excelling in both oils and pastels. His depictions of the Yorkshire landscape are captivating and his work is sought after by collectors worldwide.

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