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Ludwig Hermann

1812 - 1881

Ludwig Hermann was born in Greifswald, Germany in April, 1812.

It is not known where he studied painting but it is obvious from his work that he was very much influenced by the artists of the Romantic School. Important painters such as B.C. Koekkoek lived and worked in Germany during Hermann's lifetime, indeed B.C. Koekkoek started an academy in Kleve in 1841 which was attended by many pupils from the Netherlands, Germany and elsewhere such as Klombeck and Kruseman.

Hermann was best known for his urban landscapes, seascapes and architectural views. He lived and worked in Berlin and had his first exhibition there in 1850. Between 1862 and 1873 he showed his work in Berlin, Bremen, Leipzig and London.

Like his contemporary Kruseman, Hermann enjoyed painting both summer and winter landscapes. In this winter scene we see can see all the techniques of B.C. Koekkoek beautifully executed, for example the indication of tracks in the ice which he achieved by applying white paint and then scratching it off whilst still wet with the end of a brush. The summer painting is warm and detailed and it is a perfect compliment to the winter scene.

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