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Johannes Hendrik Eversen

1906 - 1995

Johannes Hendrik Eversen was born in The Hague on 30th May, 1906. He was a descendant of the well-known 19th century artist, Adrianus Eversen, who painted town scenes.

Eversen began his career as a portrait painter, under the direction of the artist W. Lampe, working mostly in watercolours. He changed direction after attending the Heatherley School of Art in London during the 1930's. There he began to explore the still-life subjects of the 17th century Dutch old masters such as Claesz and de Heem et al. Eversen carefully studied their subject matter and began to incorporated oysters, wine flutes, cheese and fruit into his own work, often using pewterware and wine bottles to enhance his composition. He enjoyed painting different textures such as wood, porcelain and leather and his talent can be fully appreciated in subjects which depict musical instruments or books. Eversen developed to perfection the use of a single bright light source in his work. This gives the paintings a dramatic quality and creates a feeling of realism. His paintings reflect a timeless serenity and are always carefully balanced in colour, shape and texture.

The artist died in Arnhem on 30th December, 1995.

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