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Hans Dahl

1849 - 1937

Hans Dahl was born in Hardanger, Norway on 19th February, 1849. He began his career as an artist whilst attending the Military Academy in Christiana, studying under J.F. Eckersberg and K. Bergslien.

From 1872 he studied drawing at the Art Academy in Karlsruhe in Germany under the tuition of Riefstahls and Hans Gude and he then moved on for further study to the Academy in Dusseldorf. Dahl had his first exhibitions in Dusseldorf and Philadelphia in 1876 and his work was well received. He eventually settled in Berlin in 1888 and stayed there for the rest of his life, taking on his own pupils from 1910.

Dahl specialised in painting the beautiful landscapes of Norway depicting the monumental mountains and fijords. Unlike his contemporary Normann, who also painted the fijords, Dahl nearly always included figures in his landscapes. In this magnificent painting the charming young peasant girl is wistfully gazing over the water, perhaps thinking of her beau in the distant boat. This gives a romantic element to the painting which contrasts well with the grandeur of the landscape. The perspective in the painting is executed with masterly precision and ones eye is drawn towards the centre of the work by the dramatic diagonal lines and then on to the far shore. The sky is very atmospheric and the artist's use of light is highly skilful. Dahl painted many works throughout his life but this work shows Dahl at his very best.

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