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Carl Wilhelm Anton Seiler

1846 - 1921

Born on August 3rd 1846 in Wiesbaden, Carl Seiler studied at the Academy in Berlin and then in Munich under Karl Raupp (1837-1918). He served as a reserve officer during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 before establishing himself as an artist in Munich.

Seiler specialised in a wide range of figurative and genre subjects, often depicting historical or military scenes. He was inspired by the success of Prussia in the relatively brief struggle with France as were his fellow artists such as Wilhelm Meyerheim and Christian Sell. In contrast to Bavarian artists working in the first half of the century, who frequently used their paintings to render amusing scenes of soldiery, Seiler and his contemporaries produced works which celebrated their national pride.

However, Carl Seiler was not confined to military subjects and he painted a wide variety of genre compositions, including gentlemen reading, playing cards, admiring a work of art or enjoying a fine dinner. Seiler's pictures are usually executed in exquisite detail, demonstrating his skill at capturing the textures of wood, fabric, glass and porcelain alongside his remarkable portrayal of the expression of each figure.

Seiler became a member of the Berlin Academy in 1895 and exhibited his work in various venues, including Paris, where he was awarded an honourable mention in 1903. He died in Munich on 26th February, 1921.

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